Fancy turkey meatloaf

This is SOOO good! My husband was scarred from meatloaf from his childhood and he said this definitely redeemed that so it’s a winner.

Portobello stuffed, zucchini topped turkey meatloaf. Gluten free, egg free and dairy free.

1. Turkey

2. Portabellos sliced (I like the large ones)

3. Zucchini strips

4. Onion

5. Garlic

6. 1 TBs Worcestershire sauce

7. Red pepper flakes, salt, oregano, pepper, garlic powder

8. Ketchup


Preheat oven to 400

Sautés onions and garlic.

Combine Turkey, sautéed onions, oregano, Worcestershire sauce, about 3 Tbs ketchup, salt and pepepr

Sauté portobellos

Place 1/3 turkey mixture on greased pan. Lay portobellos on top. Place remaining turkey mixture on top and seal edges forming into loaf. Top with lots of ketchup. Lay zucchini strips on top (I did a crisp cross pattern) and sprinkle garlic powder and red pepper flakes on top.

Bake on 400 for about 25-30 mins

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