Red Pepper Bolognese with Qunioa Pasta

Blogging my recipes to save them and remember them. I know the pic isn’t good and it’s not very descriptive it is for my records. If you want to make and have questions thought feel free to as this was DELICIOUS. Dairy free & gluten free.

1. Trader Joe’s Red Pepper Tapenade with eggplant and Garlic

2. Olive Oil

3. Bone Broth (to make more saucy, less thick)

4. Shiitake mushrooms minced

5. A yellow onion minced

6. Ground Turkey

7. Oregano

8. Fresh Basil (add at the end)

9. Quinoa Pasta

10. Garlic

Cook pasta according to box

Caramelize onions, add mushrooms & garlic and cook, add turkey and cook, add Trader Joe’s sauce & oregano simmer, add bone broth as needed to get the consistency you like. You can also add some ketchup if you want a hint of that tomato flavor (I did, about 2 Tbs), add basil and serve on top of noodles.

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