River of Mercy

I feel it inside

Twisting my face 

Out of my mouth 

It lashes out, like a rabid dog

Caught up in the rapids of destruction 

I pull my love down with me 

I’m drowning, 

despising the pattern of the heart

“Submit to God!”

I scream

“Be pure!”

The river slows 

I stumble onto the shore 

What has become of me? 

On the verge of collapse

I repent

I open up my chest 

Rip out the culprit 

Dripping in shame, disappointment and sorrow I hand it over to the Lord 

He walks me back to river 

Where everything went astray 

He stills it with one touch 

A gentleness I’ve never known 

With each scoop of his hand 

My offering beats differently 

With each rinse of the river 

Each tender touch

Love is arising in the heart I once lost 

As I wait upon the lord 

Peace whirls around us like a brilliant wind

My healer, redeemer

Oh, how I adore you

Your magnificent in all your ways! 

My heart has never been so full

My heart in the hands of the lord 

The great Shepherd and lover of my soul

Now and forevermore!

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